Restaurant Menu July 4th Week/Weekend

Now Serving at Whalehouse Point on our Sunset Deck overlooking the Great South Bay:


*Local Oysters on the Half-Shell

Half Dozen on Ice w/ Celery Mignonette. $18

*Long Island Littlenecks on the Half-Shell

Half Dozen harvested from Eastern Long Island waters on Ice. $12

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

w/ Cocktail Sauce. $16

Hand Breaded Avocado Fritts

with sriracha aioli $14

Summer Kale Salad

goat cheese, pickled red onion, strawberry,

pine nuts, champagne vinaigrette $14

Add pork lardons $8

Classic Caesar $14

Mozzarella Canapes

house breaded with marinara $12

Petite Crab Cakes

housemade guacamole, mango chutney $16


Shredded Chicken Tacos

citrus chipotle slaw, sriracha lime aioli, southwest sweet potato wedges $18

*Grilled New York Strip Steak

sweet potato wedges, grilled asparagus $35

Seared Scallops

breaded tomato, tomato chutney, remoulade sauce $27

Southwest Mussel Fado

chorizo, roasted sweet corn, beer broth $27

Seared Wild Salmon

Blue agave glaze, sweet potato mash, grilled asparagus $27


Sweet Potato Wedges $8

French Fries $6

Garlic French Fries $7

Mac & Cheese $9

Lobster Mac & Cheese $18


Served w/ fries, and one beverage.

Child size portions for 12 & under. $12

Chicken Fingers

Hamburger or Cheeseburger

Fried Coconut Shrimp

Mac & Cheese


Key Lime Pie $10

Juniors Cheesecake $10

Chocolate Lava Cake $10

ALL SLIPS OPEN! -Piling Work Completed


The much anticipated piling work has been completed at Watch Hill and Saliors Haven Marinas on Fire Island National Seashore. Some pilings had been displaced from the ice this past winter.

Big boats we can accommodate you on the D dock at Watch Hill. The entire D land dock has 208 volt 50 amp and  125 volt 50 amp electrical service, as do A land 1310.

Come down to Whalehouse Point at Watch Hill to enjoy our specials this weekend: Blackened Mahi Tacos, Baked Clams, and New England Clam Chowder.






Vessel Safety Check Event at Watch Hill

Vessel Safety Check … at Watch Hill Marina

Essential for a fun filled outing on the water is a boat equipped with all the necessary equipment operating properly.  Join us at Watch Hill Marina this Saturday, June 23rd for a FREE Vessel Safety check with the U.S. Coast Guard volunteer Vessel Examiner team starting about 10 A.M.  Vessel Safety Check Vision — Safe, Fun & Responsible Recreational Boating.

“The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is free and voluntary for owners of recreational vessels.  The VSC helps to achieve compliance with federal, state and local recreational boating safety laws, particularly regarding the carriage of safety equipment.  It heightens the boaters’ awareness of safety issues through one-on-one contact with a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary certified vessel examiner.”  For more info click here and  here.

Stay tuned for the About Boating Safely course to be held over a few weeknights at the Whalehouse Point restaurant at Watch Hill this July (we’ll provide free hourly docking for course-takers as space permits).


Sous Chef and Cooks Wanted – Employee Housing Provided at No Cost

HELP WANTED:  To fill all of our kitchen positions we’re looking for an experienced sous  chef, line cooks and short order cooks for the Whalehouse Point restaurant and snack bar at Watch Hill,  and the Sassyfras snack bar at Sailors Haven.

Employee Housing is available at both locations at no cost.

We are interested in experienced cooks who wish to prepare healthy and delicious food and outstanding visitor services in a National Park setting on the beach …that is Fire Island National Seashore.

Interested individuals please complete the application here and submit by email to the address on the application.

Please spread the word.

* Love Watch Hill & Sailors Haven Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


FREE Dockage Offers, Food Service & Weekend Rate Clarification

Dear visitors,

Weekend Rates.  Allow us to clarify our weekend rates.   There are NO rate minimums for same-day bookings in the peak summer season nor is there ever a rate minimum for  advance or same-day bookings in the shoulder seasons.   The 2-day rate minimum applies only to ADVANCE weekend bookings in the peak summer season (June 22nd through September 3rd).   In other words, FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE boaters can book one weekend night at the $3 per foot rate on a summer weekend.  A one weekend night advance booking in the shoulder seasons is always $3 per foot.   If the sun’s out, swing by!  See here for Marina Rates at both Watch Hill & Sailors Haven.

Food & Beverage Service – We are OPEN!  Currently, we are serving snack bar menus at both Watch Hill (Whalehouse Point) & Sailors Haven (Sassyfras).   Visitors may sit inside the Whalehouse restaurant at Watch Hill to escape the weather (and it’s not in our corner) whether you order at the snack bar or choose to order at the bar.  Beverage service is open Thursday late afternoon through Sunday for the Shoulder Season.  Beverage service will be open every day for the summer season starting Thursday, June 21.  Sassyfras, the snack bar at Sailors Haven, is open every day.   The snack bar at Watch Hill will be open Wednesday through Sunday for the remainder of the Shoulder Season, then every day for the summer season.  We anticipate expanded business hours compared to years past, especially for earlier breakfast service.   Our goal is to house Food & Beverage staff at FINS in both Watch Hill & Sailors Haven so that we better serve you the visitors and our hours are not dictated by the ferry schedules.  Please drop by, you may be pleasantly surprised that we’re open.  You are always welcome.

We anticipate offering the Whalehouse Point dinner menu in time for the Summer Season.  We plan to expand menu offerings at both snack bars with a fresher more locally sourced product.   Stay tuned for more announcements.

FREE Dockage.  We are pleased to announce special offers for FREE Dockage:

1.  FREE hourly dockage when dining at our Whalehouse Point restaurant any day of the week.   Weekend hourly slips may be limited in availability and are at the discretion of the Dock Master.  Feel free to call ahead.

2.  FREE DAILY SUNDAY-FUNDAY DOCKAGE with Sunday BRUNCH or Dinner at our Whalehouse Point restaurant when slips are available.  Offer applies to Watch Hill only and are at the Dock Master’s discretion.  Offer applies to the Monday day stay on holiday weekends (not on Sunday) and is not available the weekend before the 4th of July holiday.  We anticipate brunch starting Sunday June 24th.   In the meantime, lunch or dinner at the Whalehouse Point restaurant may be substituted.


Love Watch Hill & Sailors Haven Inc.


Camping Reservation System Live

Dear Visitors,

We’re happy to announce that you can now reserve campsites online here using our interim reservation system.   We’re hoping to have our long term reservation feature rich and user friendly solution — — live in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, fear not 😉  … we will import all existing reservations into Reserve America before hitting the switch.  That means your reservation will be held no matter the system we are using.

We appreciate your patience in our start-up process.  We look forward to your visit and a wonderful summer for all.

Fair Winds,

Love Watch Hill & Sailors Haven, Inc.

2018 Marina Rates

UPDATE June 3, 2018:   Clarification on Weekend Rates, FREE Hourly Dockage with Dinner at the Whalehouse Point restaurant and FREE Sunday-Funday Daily rate at Watch Hill with Brunch (see hourly rates below for more details.


Shoulder Season Season Rates: May 18 through June and September 4 through October 18

-Weekend Rate (Friday through Saturday nights & Holidays) – $3.00 per foot*
-Weekday Rate (Sunday through Thursday nights) – $2.00 per foot
-Weekly Rate (7 Consecutive Days) – $13.00 per foot
*Single night advance weekend reservations are $3.00 per foot in the Shoulder season.  The peak summer advance minimum rate does not apply to shoulder season, nor to same day “first-come-first-serve” reservations any weekend throughout the operating season. 

Summer Season: June 22 through September 3

-Weekend Rate (Thursday through Saturday & Holidays) – $3.00 per foot*
-Weekday Rate (Sunday Night through Thursday – $2.50 per foot
-Weekly Rate (7 Consecutive Days) – $16.50 per foot
* For advance weekend night reservations in the peak summer season, there is a minimum 2 night rate charge (applies only to summer season weekend nights booked in advance).   This minimum does not apply to the shoulder season nor does it apply to same day reservations or “first-come-first-serve” arrivals in the peak summer season when slips are available on the weekends.  Check with the Dockmaster for availability.  If you book the same day on Dockwa for a single night on a peak weekend night and you are charged the 2 night rate, request a refund. 

Other Rates

Daytime Rate – $2.00 per foot
-availability at discretion of Dock Master
*FREE DAILY SUNDAY-FUNDAY DOCKAGE with Sunday BRUNCH or Dinner at our Whalehouse Point restaurant when slips are available.  Offer applies to Watch Hill only and are at the Dock Master’s discretion.  Offer applies to the Monday day stay on holiday weekends (not on Sunday) and is not available the weekend before the 4th of July holiday.  We anticipate brunch starting Sunday June 24th.  Please check our website for updates.

Hourly Rates:
-Up to 26 ft LOA – $10.00 per hour
-Between 26-36 ft LOA – $15.00 per hour
-Over 36 ft – $20.00 per hour
-availability at discretion of the Dockmaster
-Free hourly dockage when dining at our Whalehouse Point restaurant.   Weekend hourly slips may be limited in availability and are at the discretion of the Dockmaster.  Feel free to call ahead.

Seasonal Rate (Mid May to Mid October) *Pilot Program – call us for more info*:
-Watch Hill Only – $185 per foot
-Five Month Seasonal Rate
-Minimum $4,810 (26 ft boat length minimum charge)
-Electric Metered
-Limited to 13% of total boat slips with set limits on each dock
-Must notify us when not using slip so we can make available to other boaters

Electric Rates:
-30A/120V – $10 per Day (boater brings their own adaptor)
-30A/120V plus 50A Adapter Rental – $20 per Day
-50A/120V – $14 per Day
-50A/208V – $18 per Day

-Please provide an ETA in every reservation or as soon as you know so that we can accommodate all boaters wishing to use the marinas such as those interested in hourly or daily use.
-Watch Hill – 11:00 A.M.*
-Sailors Haven – 10:00 A.M.*
* You may check-in earlier at the Dock Master’s discretion.

-Overnight Watch Hill – 10:00 A.M. (see below for our Sunday-Funday Brunch/Dinner FREE day rate offer*)
-Overnight Sailor Haven – 9:00 A.M.
-Daily – generally 4:00 P.M. but can be earlier or later  at the Dock Master’s discretion.
-Hourly –  at the Dock Master’s discretion.
* FREE DAILY SUNDAY-FUNDAY DOCKAGE with Sunday BRUNCH or Dinner at our Whalehouse Point restaurant when slips are available.  Offer applies to Watch Hill only and are at the Dock Master’s discretion.  Offer applies to the Monday day stay on holiday weekends (not on Sunday) and is not available the weekend before the 4th of July holiday.  We anticipate brunch starting Sunday June 24th.  Please check our website for updates.

We will post more about mid-week specials as we open more visitor services.

Marina & Camping Update

UPDATED  2018-05-30 for camping reservation system.

Dear Park Visitors,

As you may have seen in the press release by the Fire Island National Seashore (here), we will be opening this Friday May 18 and welcome you to visit.


Camping is $25 per night for the 2018 shoulder seasons (this spring and fall) and . We will post the summer season rate shortly. This weekend we will only be able to accommodate walk-ins on a cash only first come first serve basis. We should be able to take credit cards by Memorial Day. We’re also working on both a temporary and a long-term online reservation solution with

        You can

reserve here in the meantime.

Please check back here for more updates as they develop rapidly. Camping visitor services will be out of the Watch Hill General Store, 631-597-6074. Please note that until we open the general store — our goal is by Memorial Day — please “be prepared” and bring what you need including food, camping equipment, insect repellent and sun screen. Some items and food service may be available at Davis Park which is a short hike from Watch Hill along a board walk.

    • Marinas
    • Both Watch Hill and Sailors Haven marinas will be open. If you have made a reservation on the Dockwa mobile app or portal, please note that we will confirm within the 48 hours required. Currently, we are using the confirmation process due to the displaced pilings in parts of the marinas. Approximately half the of the slips are not affected and available for reservation. Some slips are simply missing pilings but still may be usable. E-land (no water or electric) is not on the reservation system at this time. We do not have a date certain when the pilings will be reset. When they are completed, we will switch on the Dockwa Instant Book feature. With Instant Book, reservations are confirmed in real time unless inventory runs low for your beam/LOA group. This allows us to find a slip for you in other beam groups.

We will do our best to accommodate your special requests/preferred slip or pier/land assignment. The piling work could affect your requests until it is completed. Phone at the Dock Master offices at both locations will be live starting this Friday: Sailors Haven 631-597-6014 and Watch Hill 631-597-6073.

Finally, we will be accommodating boaters who visit our marinas without a Dockwa reservation. Please call ahead for slip availability. We will also announce in the coming days more information regarding the small number of seasonal slips that will be available this season as part of a pilot program. If you are interested, please call the Dock Master offices.


Thank you for your patience as we ramp up visitor services in the coming weeks.

Love Watch Hill & Sailors Haven Inc.

Working Hard to Open May 18th!

Dear Park Visitors,

A couple of weeks ago, we were knocked off of our feet when we found out that we had been awarded the Temporary Contract for the concession at Watch Hill & Sailors Haven, Fire Island National Seashore.

Having grown up in Bay Shore and raised our three children on an old sailboat in Fire Island National Seashore every summer, we welcome Park visitors to a place we love.  We look forward to partnering with the National Park Service to bring outstanding visitor services, and are incredibly excited about the Watch Hill Marina upgrades and how easy advance reservations will be with the Dockwa mobile phone app.

Boaters can book slips at  Watch Hill & Sailors Haven starting May 16th for our May 18th marina and campground opening.  Campsites at the Watch Hill family tent campground will be available to walk-ins May 18 on a first come, first served basis until our campground reservation systems are operational.

There will be more exciting announcements in the coming weeks so please register here for our email newsletters and follow us, @loveFINS on Instagram and on Facebook too.

Please forgive us for being light on details but we have a lot of work ahead of us in the coming weeks to be ready for your visit.  Do come back here for updates or the NPS website and their Press Release yesterday.  See you soon and don’t forget to tell your friends both facilities will be open this year!

Doug Biviano, President, Love Watch Hill & Sailors Haven Inc.