Safety Bulletin


♥ Ticks
Ticks (including deer ticks) can carry the bacteria for Lyme Disease, may be quite tiny, as small as the period at the end of this sentence. They live in the vegetation. Protect yourself from contact with ticks by remaining on the boardwalks or beach. Dress in light-colored clothing and tuck your pants into your socks. Use repellent if desired. Always check your body thoroughly after possible exposure. More information about identifying and protecting yourself against ticks is available at the ranger station.
♥ Poison Ivy
Poison ivy is plentiful on Fire Island. Stay on the boardwalk trails and established dune crossings to avoid contact with this three-leafed plant. If you do touch poison ivy, wash with soap and water immediately to help prevent the rash.
♥ Sunscreen
Sunscreen is recommended, even on overcast days.
♥ Wildlife
Feeding or harassing wildlife is illegal. It interferes with natural processes and teaches wild animals unsafe behaviors. Keep foods protected from animals. Report any wildlife problems to a Ranger.
♥ In Case of Emergency
Report any emergency to a Ranger or lifeguard. First aid stations are located at the dune station and visitor center.