Glamping. Safari style camping at the beach, coming to Watch Hill Campground Fire Island National Seashore for the 2019 season. Nestled behind the primary dune, Camp in comfort and bring only your bathing suit (lugging gear not required). Four platform tents on decking will be furnished with bedding, 10 x 12 ft in size. Rain flies – 20 feet long – keep tents dry and create 8 x 10 ft covered porches. Front and rear panels will roll up with mosquito netting that stays in place to allow airflow and light while keeping bugs out. In addition to fixed beds with either queen or double as standard with clean bedding and nightstands. Cots will be available to accommodate families (additional bedding $10/person/night up to 3 additional cots). A rechargeable LED lantern will be provided. On the covered porch, two Adirondack style chairs and a large cooler will be provided. Luxury packages are available where you’ll find ice, food and beverages awaiting your arrival — call or use the email contact form for more info. (Click Here to BOOK NOW)

Four preset platform tents coming this season.