Marina Rates


2020 Watch Hill & Sailors Haven Marina Rates

Seasonal Slips

  • D-Basin, Slips A1-A10, Corner Slips ……. $145 / ft
  • All Other Slips ……………………………………… $125 / ft
  • Dockage from May thru October
  • Minimum 26 ft boat length charge
  • Electricity included
  • FINS allows a maximum of 18 seasonal slips at Watch Hill.

Shoulder Season Season: May 15-June 18 & Sept 8-Oct 13

  • Weekend & Holiday Rate (F,S,S) …………….. $2.50 / ft *
  • Weekday Rate (M,T,W,T) ……………………………… $1 / ft
  • Weekly Rate (22% + discount) …………………….. $9 / ft


  • Watch Hill SPECIAL – 15% of total dock bill voucher for Food & Beverage for any 3-6 consecutive day stays (see details below).  
  • * Minimum Rates – Single day advance weekend reservations allowable in Shoulder Season except for 3 day minimum rate on Memorial Day weekend for advance reservations only but does not apply for first come first serve in unreserved slips.  

Summer Season: June 19 – September 7

  • Weekend Rate (F,S,S & Holidays) ……………… $3 / ft *
  • Weekday Rate (M,T,W,T) ………………………. $1.50 / ft
  • Weekly Rate (20% + discount) ………………… $12 / ft
  • Weekly Rate Holidays (15% + discount) … $14 / ft


  • Watch Hill SPECIAL – 15% of total dock bill voucher for Food & Beverage for any 3-6 consecutive day stays (see details below).  
  • *Minimum Rates – 2 day rate charge for advance weekend reservations in the peak summer season.  4 day minimum rate charges for 4th of July & Labor Day Holiday weeks.  For the best value & lowest initial deposit, we recommend taking advantage of weekly rates.   NOTE, minimum rates apply only to holidays & summer season weekends booked in advance.  Minimum rates do not apply to the shoulder season except for Memorial Day weekend, nor do they apply to same day reservations or “first-come-first-serve” arrivals in the peak summer season when slips are available on the weekends.  Dockwa cannot waive minimums automatically for same day reservations — see Dockmaster for payment adjustments.


  • $10.00 per hour – Up to 26 feet 
    $15.00 per hour – 27 to 36 feet
    $20.00 per hour – 37 feet and up.
  • Hourly applies at Sailors Haven Only.   At Watch Hill the daily rate applies for all marina visits EXCEPT at the sole discretion of the Dockmaster or for the FREE HOURLY DOCKING special after 4:30 PM seven days a week with the purchase of Dinner, Drinks or Ice Cream as noted below.  During Non-holiday weekdays at Watch Hill – at Dockmaster’s sole discretion – the free hourly docking special may be awarded for boaters visiting solely for lunch.
  • $10 minimum charge per hour
  • 3 hour maximum then full daily rate applies
  • First come first serve only, not available by advance reservation.
  • Availability at sole discretion of the Dockmaster


  • 30A/120V – $10 / day (boater brings adapter)
  • 30A/120V w/ 50A Adapter Rental – $20 / day
  • 50A/120V – $14 / day
  • 50A/208V – $18 / day
  • Seasonal Slips included (no additional charge).


  • Watch Hill Voucher SPECIAL – 15% of total dock bill voucher for Food & Beverage for any three (3) to six (6) consecutive day stays (this special replaces the old Weekender, Mid-week and Sunday Brunch specials). F&B voucher must be used during your current stay (expires upon departure).  Not Offered/ Not Valid Holiday Weeks Peak Summer. 
  • Weekly Rate SPECIAL – range from 15% to over 22% discounts off of daily rates.  Dockwa calculates these discounted rates automatically.
  • Free Dinner Dockage SPECIAL – FREE hourly dockage at Watch Hill for arrivals after 4:30 P.M. seven days a week all season long when dining, purchasing ice cream or patroning our bar at our Whalehouse Point restaurant (or our food truck & tent bar while we rebuild).   Weekend hourly slips may be limited in availability and are at the sole discretion of the Dockmaster.  Does not apply to overnight dockage.  Feel free to call ahead.  Boater must pay first and present dinner, ice cream or bar receipt to the Dockmaster.

Check In Times


  • 10:00 A.M. or earlier if slips are vacant at the Dock Master’s discretion
  • Please provide an ETA in every reservation or as soon as you know so that we can accommodate all boaters wishing to use the marinas such as those interested in hourly or daily use.


  • 9:00 A.M.