FREE Dockage Offers, Food Service & Weekend Rate Clarification

Dear visitors,

Weekend Rates.  Allow us to clarify our weekend rates.   There are NO rate minimums for same-day bookings in the peak summer season nor is there ever a rate minimum for  advance or same-day bookings in the shoulder seasons.   The 2-day rate minimum applies only to ADVANCE weekend bookings in the peak summer season (June 22nd through September 3rd).   In other words, FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVE boaters can book one weekend night at the $3 per foot rate on a summer weekend.  A one weekend night advance booking in the shoulder seasons is always $3 per foot.   If the sun’s out, swing by!  See here for Marina Rates at both Watch Hill & Sailors Haven.

Food & Beverage Service – We are OPEN!  Currently, we are serving snack bar menus at both Watch Hill (Whalehouse Point) & Sailors Haven (Sassyfras).   Visitors may sit inside the Whalehouse restaurant at Watch Hill to escape the weather (and it’s not in our corner) whether you order at the snack bar or choose to order at the bar.  Beverage service is open Thursday late afternoon through Sunday for the Shoulder Season.  Beverage service will be open every day for the summer season starting Thursday, June 21.  Sassyfras, the snack bar at Sailors Haven, is open every day.   The snack bar at Watch Hill will be open Wednesday through Sunday for the remainder of the Shoulder Season, then every day for the summer season.  We anticipate expanded business hours compared to years past, especially for earlier breakfast service.   Our goal is to house Food & Beverage staff at FINS in both Watch Hill & Sailors Haven so that we better serve you the visitors and our hours are not dictated by the ferry schedules.  Please drop by, you may be pleasantly surprised that we’re open.  You are always welcome.

We anticipate offering the Whalehouse Point dinner menu in time for the Summer Season.  We plan to expand menu offerings at both snack bars with a fresher more locally sourced product.   Stay tuned for more announcements.

FREE Dockage.  We are pleased to announce special offers for FREE Dockage:

1.  FREE hourly dockage when dining at our Whalehouse Point restaurant any day of the week.   Weekend hourly slips may be limited in availability and are at the discretion of the Dock Master.  Feel free to call ahead.

2.  FREE DAILY SUNDAY-FUNDAY DOCKAGE with Sunday BRUNCH or Dinner at our Whalehouse Point restaurant when slips are available.  Offer applies to Watch Hill only and are at the Dock Master’s discretion.  Offer applies to the Monday day stay on holiday weekends (not on Sunday) and is not available the weekend before the 4th of July holiday.  We anticipate brunch starting Sunday June 24th.   In the meantime, lunch or dinner at the Whalehouse Point restaurant may be substituted.


Love Watch Hill & Sailors Haven Inc.